Project Bloom vision - a digital space for a conscious collective - art by Paige Strabala.
Art by @foxnap.

Project Bloom is a new media platform for a new era.

A virtual space for high vibes.

Stories & tools for creative, conscious living.

A collection of inspiring voices.

A platform to connect soul to soul.

Art by @foxnap.


Why “Project Bloom”?

Blooming symbolizes opening up to the world, an ongoing process of becoming the most beautiful and complete version of ourselves, but also the ephemeral nature of life, the cycle of birth and death. Just as flowers spread their petals open to the sun’s rays when the time is right, so human beings bloom, shedding their layers of conditioning to bask in the light of pure awareness. A flower blooms when it’s ready, just as a soul awakens when its moment comes. Wherever you are in this journey, trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

As Ram Dass wrote in the iconic Be Here Now

It’s just an inevitable process. It’s inevitable. It’s just happening. It’s got to happen that way. 

Be Here Now by Ram Dass quote: It's inevitable, it's just happening, it's got to happen that way.
Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

Our image for this transformation is a blooming flower.

“Project” because we’re all works in progress, living canvases, art projects that are never finished. This life is a choose-your-own-adventure, and our personalities are just little SIMS avatars floating through space and time. Or, you can think of yourself as an empty flower vase – how will you fill yourself today?

Can I be involved?

Yes! This is a collective project. Send through your art, your questions, your thoughts, your diatribes (pls be nice), your interpretive dances, collab ideas, article pitches, a lock of hair from your firstborn, Burning Man tickets…

For this space to work, it needs YOUR participation – we will create the space and work to keep the vibes high, but we’ll need a little piece of YOUR divine light, your beautiful, unique essence, to hold and expand the vibration so the project – and the collective – can bloom.

Take me to your leader.

Project Bloom was founded in April 2020, in the middle of the corona quarantine, by Katya Lopatko, writer, journalist, artist, yoga teacher, student and cosmic being – like you!

Feeling social? So are we…