Welcome! You’re perfectly on time. Ready for a mindfuck? If you’re reading these words, it means that a complex web of past events brought us together in this unique moment in the space-time continuum / quantum energy field / universal consciousness. Rad.

However you got here, I’m happy you made it. I started this project as a place to bring together wisdom and energy from seekers and teachers – and share a few notes from my own path. The vision and intention is to create a high-vibrational space that will attract and spread truth and light. Holding space for cyborgs.

We’re going to be diving into some pretty deep waters, but let’s try to keep things light. Even if you’re on the so-called spiritual path, there’s no need to take things – and yourself – so seriously. A lot of questions and problems dissolve as soon as you can laugh at yourself. To paraphrase Ram Dass, one of my favorite teachers and a huge inspiration behind this space, you can do it all like it’s a great weight on you, or you can treat it all like a dance. If you want to sit in a cave and hammer away at your ego, that’s fine, but we’ll be over here dancing.

Another thing – let’s try to keep things open. Open conversations, open hearts, open energy, open mind. This has been one of my main lessons, and it’s a core “value” of this space – insofar as we label or attach to ideas, which can be dangerous. The second you start judging and comparing, your energy contracts, and you slip back into narrow duality.

Nobody’s perfect – and nobody’s cancelled when they slip up. We’re all human – that’s why we’re all here, together in this school of life – but it’s something to bring awareness to. Sometimes it’s hard to follow your own advice. Don’t worry – part of staying open is recognizing when you’re not open – and being open to that, too. I know, it’s a bit of a paradox. But that’s what this is.

That’s it for now! See you… now x

(Get it? Because when we connect again, it’ll also be now. Be Here Now. Ram Dass 101, baby.)